The Most useful Products of all Time for Health

Scientists took into account the presence of vitamin products, minerals, antioxidants. And in that biochemical form which is easily absorbed by the body. To comment on the list, we asked our resident expert, member of the National Association of Dietitians Lyudmila Denisenko.

In tomato a lot of active antioxidants – lycopene, fiber and potassium. They help the cardiovascular system. Tomato juice is mildly lowers blood and intracranial pressure, it is useful to drink with hypertension and glaucoma.
expert commentary
– Lycopene has anticancer properties. But it is worth remembering that a large number of tomato can cause kidney stones, with care they should have people with diseases of the joints (may enhance deposition of salts). Purine acids may provoke indigestion, and gall bladder spasms.

The most useful products of all time

Salad of two or three fruits per day, of course, does not hurt. Incidentally, tomatoes after heat treatment becomes even more useful than the raw.

There’s a lot of vegetable protein, fiber, B vitamins, soluble dietary fiber. Only one bowl of oatmeal (about 30 grams of oatmeal) can lower blood pressure for 5 – 10 units. In addition, it cleans the digestive system of toxins.
expert commentary
– The more often you eat oatmeal, the higher the chance to earn osteoporosis – brittle bones. Also with caution porridge need to use for people with kidney failure. A bowl of oatmeal 1 – 2 times a week in the morning – what you need.

These fruits are rich in vitamins A, C and E. These seeds are also fatty acids omega-3. They are useful to maintain the elasticity of joints (for people suffering from arthritis and arthrosis, it is helpful to eat at least two kiwifruit per week).
expert commentary
– kiwifruit also useful hypertensive and wishing to lose weight: they contain a mass of enzymes that accelerate the burning of fats and facilitate the formation of reinforcing collagen fibers. But because of the large amount of acid kiwi is contraindicated during exacerbation of cholelithiasis and peptic ulcer disease. 1 – 2 kiwi fruit a day – is perfectly acceptable.

In varieties such as Isabella lots of bioflavonoids that slow down the oxidation processes in the body, help to keep on our toes vessels, prevent blood clots. Also these materials resist the appearance of malignant cells.
expert commentary

– At one time the Crimean doctors and nutritionists Ampelotherapy (treatment of grapes), raised on legs seriously ill. But if you want to “heal” grapes, remember that if you use a large number of berries fatty foods should be avoided, raw milk, beer, spirits, mineral water, raw vegetables and lots of fruits (can be a problem with the intestines – from churning to serious disorders ).
Small amounts of grapes worth eating obese, who have problems with the intestines, pancreas, patients with diabetes, stomach ulcer. The rest of the day, you can eat up to a kilogram berries.

Fish and seafood
It contains essential fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements (eg, zinc) that are responsible for skin elasticity and cardiac conduction.
At the same time, fish and other marine animals accumulate hazardous mercury and lead, because it is very important to be sure to fish products tested for ecological safety.
expert commentary
– In Soviet times, only Thursday was fish day. In our days, nutritionists recommend eating fish and seafood 2 – 3 times a week. Portion – 200 – 250 grams in any form, preferably – grilled, steamed.

This variety of cabbage contains many antioxidants, potassium and magnesium. It is excellent dietary product for metabolic disorders.
expert commentary
– Superpolezny product should include the power to all healthy people , but especially – after an illness, the elderly, children and pregnant women, to prevent and treat diseases of the liver, cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, cataracts, nerve disorders and metabolic disorders.
The best way to prepare – a side dish of boiled or steamed, baked pudding, scrambled eggs. I recommend at least a portion (200 – 250 grams) per day.

It contains specific fatty acids that help renewal of blood vessels. As well as enzymes that regulate blood sugar levels.
expert commentary
– Noted: if you regularly eat avocados – decreases irritability, drowsiness and fatigue passes, feel better. It has substance mannoheptulose which reduces the level of glucose in the blood and contributes to its better absorption of brain cells. The bone avocado contain toxic substances that can cause severe allergic reactions. So do not gnaw it! On the day I recommend at least half an avocado. Incidentally, this is not a vegetable, and fruit.

Chicken eggs
They are rich in calcium and lecithin, prevents rapid aging of the skin.
expert commentary
– They are considered unfair to blame for high cholesterol in the blood. It is proved that the presence of mineral substances in the egg neutralize the possible harm that they can cause our blood vessels. If you fear for your health , eat only protein, avoiding the yolk. But in general, I recommend a minimum of 4 eggs per week in any form – omelette, boiled, fried.

It contains allicin substance that lowers blood pressure in hypertension. And all known antimicrobial properties of garlic.
expert commentary
– I would put the garlic in ninth place, but much higher. It is very useful high blood pressure, reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, effectively fights viruses, and contains many useful substances. Possible rare response from the gastrointestinal tract. Most Valuable garlic – fresh, it is better to add at least one clove of salads almost every day.

Olive oil
Even in ancient Greece it was called “liquid gold”. This oil most of oleic acid, which protects cells against external damage and oxidation processes.

expert commentary

– Olive oil has the ability to reduce blood cholesterol levels. Olive oil first cold press is considered the most useful of all the oils.
But remember: in a tablespoon of olive oil, with all its benefits is contained 170 calories, is easy to help gain extra weight. In addition, it is useful to oil first cold pressed. But the so-called oil Aruch, which is obtained by heating a pomace, absolutely can not use: it contains harmful carcinogenic substances such as benzopyrene. On the “Aruch” in Europe ban.

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