Top 5 Major Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

But do not panic – the researchers found the main causes of hair loss in “Juliet”.
Hair loss in adolescent girls in most cases can be stopped if the time to see a doctor .
Hair of young girls drop out mainly for the following reasons:

Hormonal imbalance. In this case, the hair falls out due to increased levels of the male hormone, which is also present in the female body, but in much smaller amounts than men. The doctor will determine what caused the girl increase in this hormone, which has caused baldness than one billion men.

Top 5 major causes of hair loss in teenage girls

Improper diet. Malnutrition (for example, to lose weight and save yourself from ridicule peers about weight loss), and excess calories in the diet can lead to hair loss. In this case, the leading role belongs to the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. The normalization of the diet, the inclusion of a balanced amount of nutrients will contribute to a gradual improvement of the condition of hair.

Excessive exposure to the hair . All too often, hair washing and drying with a hot air dryer is also bad for the condition of hair. The same negative effect and provide various curling, stylers and “ironing” (rectifiers) hair.

Medication . This is primarily oral contraceptives and some oral medication for the treatment of acne vulgaris.

Infections and diseases of internal organs . In some cases, the cause of hair loss in teenage

Girls may be more serious disease:
began diabetes
thyroid disease
infections of the scalp (ringworm)
skin diseases

Usually in such cases, there are other symptoms (eg, feeling of constant fatigue, menstrual disorders, pain in the lower abdomen).

In any case, the loss of hair from a young girl she needed to see a doctor for a diagnosis and start appropriate treatment.

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