How to Quit Smoking Simplest Tips

May 31 is World Tobacco Day. Get rid of this relationship is not easy.

How to quit smoking, to beat themselves from addiction knows ivona.

1. Choose the right food.

Scientists asked 200 smokers to name foods that worsen the taste of cigarettes. Of these, 19% said: tobacco taste becomes intolerable when they consume dairy products. About 16% are convinced that cigarettes are not compatible with fruits and vegetables . Another 14% of respondents believe that the taste of cigarettes spoil juice and water.

How to quit smoking: Simple Tips

And to cheat appetite, which is simply atrocious when quit smoking, always keep a bar of chocolate. A piece of chocolate is not only blunt an appetite, but also support vessels, clearing them from the harmful cholesterol.

2. Engage in yoga.

Breathing exercises can quickly clean the lungs, and yoga exercises, for example, known to many “corpse pose”, will remove the tension and help to relax, stop thinking about cigarettes.

3. Avoid coffee and alcohol.

Do it at least at first, as a quit smoking. After all, these products tend to exacerbate the craving for nicotine.

4. Create round itself a zone free from smoking.

Ask your relatives not to smoke at home, and employees – in your presence. Remove the flat stuff, reminiscent of cigarettes – ashtrays, lighters, etc. A smoke break at work instead give yourself another holiday – eat an apple, drink a cup of green tea or take a walk on the street.

5. Quit Smoking Gradually:

make it a habit not to smoke a cigarette in full, and leave a great bull;
several times put off every next smoke break: before leaving the house, before coming to work, before dinner, etc.;
every time he reached for a cigarette, a second delay, and think about yourself the question: “Why Why am I doing this?”, and only then to have a cigarette;

Reduce to 1 cigarette per day (3 days / week) and give yourself a promise that throw, when you get to one cigarette a day.

Even if these little tricks will not help you quit smoking at once, you still would benefit.

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