Cherry cleans the Body of Toxins and Poisons

Cherry cleans the body of toxins and poisons

The palette of colors cherry varied – there are light yellow, almost white berries, yellow, pink, red, dark cherry and almost black. One of the informal names of cherries – “bird cherry”. The first mention of the round sweet berries date back to the VI century BC Before we find out whether or not they clean the body, you need ... Read More »

Vitamins or Toxins

Vitamins or Toxins

Vegetables and fruits – the main suppliers of fiber, which plays an important role in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, the normalization of fat metabolism, excretion of cholesterol. Eating fruits and vegetables increases the immune properties of the body and provide protection against disease. Many vegetables and fruits have been successfully applied in therapeutic diets. Nutritionists recommend eating at ... Read More »

Stress can Cause a Rash on the Skin

Stress can cause a rash on the skin

For most people, stress is a part of everyday life. Although it is accepted to be considered a psychological problem, it can have physical manifestations, such as skin. Stress can affect your skin in different ways. Stress can trigger the outbreak of hives. Urticaria – a bulging red spots or scars. They come in different sizes and can be placed ... Read More »

How Omega 3 affects the Child’s body

How Omega-3 affects the child's body

The benefits of acid, united in the name of one substance – omega-3 – heard everything. It is especially beneficial to children – it helps reduce hyperactivity of the child and to learn new skills. How and when to enter into her diet, the experts tell us. Sunless – NO The fact that the most high-grade omega-3 digested in tandem ... Read More »

Hypertension : Can we Stabilize the Pressure of Juices!

Hypertension: can help to stabilize the pressure of juices!

In the treatment of hypertension is widely used herbal medicine. Despite the fact that there are more effective and potent new therapeutic drugs, interest in medicinal plants has not subsided. Side effects, allergic reactions to many drugs of synthetic origin reinforce the practical importance of herbal medicine. Herbs advisable to use in hypertension I and stage II. In these cases ... Read More »