Fried Food can be useful for Health

Fried dishes – one of the main nutritional nightmare: their use is generally avoided calling. But researchers from the United States said that despite a number of really inherent negative properties, many fried foods, and has a positive effect on health.

According to American doctors, fried fish, in spite of various claims, can be useful to humans. Food fried fish are a source for the body of acids that supply the pancreas, thereby activating the processing of removing harmful components and penetrating the body with certain products. This not only improves health and helps to preserve harmony.

Fried food can be useful

There is also beneficial to the health of fried foods, scientists have carried thus prepared cabbage and potatoes. Speaking of fried potatoes, experts pointed out that in this dish contains many useful trace elements that are part of this vegetable. According to them, during the heat treatment most useful items that make up the potatoes, do not break down, and fully retain their valuable properties.

Regarding hot cabbage, this dish has anti-sclerotic properties, because it contains a lot of fiber, which protects the blood vessels and arteries from the excess accumulation of cholesterol in them.

Fried food can be hard to digest for people with chronic gastrointestinal problems, but in the absence of contraindications of moderate consumption, not only do no harm, but also would be appropriate in terms of dietary diversity, summarized nutritionists.

They added that most fried foods have a total useful feature – a quick withdrawal of fluid from the body. Thus, their use may make sense as prevention of swelling and fullness due to accumulation of excess moisture in the body.

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