Why Dry Eye occurs Syndrome

Many people know the feeling of discomfort in the eyes. Dryness, burning, stinging, a feeling of “sand” in the eyes, which appear after prolonged visual work, due to the appearance of the syndrome of “dry eye.” These symptoms bring considerable inconvenience, in addition, the initial discomfort, no treatment, may eventually develop into a serious corneal disease, doctors say.

Why do my eyes tear?

Lacrimal fluid seems to be a sign of a man of bright emotions, often negative. Indeed, pain, grief, feelings people often crying. But in addition to this, a tear – a natural moisturizer cornea, it is constantly in a small amount is produced lacrimal glands and is distributed over the surface of the cornea with blinking movements of eyelids. This forms the thinnest film which has an optical property, and not only moisturizes the cornea and feeds it, but also provides a wound damage on its surface.

Why dry eye syndrome occurs

In addition, lacrimal fluid helps eliminate dust from the surface of the eye, bacteria and allergens. Normally, its amount is small, but in conditions of dry air, the wind or during strenuous visual work, when the cornea dries faster, the amount of tears secreted should increase. If not, it develops a syndrome of “dry eye.”

Besides failure generation lacrimal fluid, “dry eye” syndrome may show through tearing, which means the need for the body to produce a tear as it feels that it is not enough, but the composition of the tears changed and tear either evaporates quickly from the surface of the eye, or not enough hydrates the ocular surface.

Causes of corneal dryness

Most often cider “dry eye” affects people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor or gadgets society – programmers, office workers, students, designers, editors. In addition, decreased corneal hydration is often a consequence of age-related changes in the body, so often complain of dry eyes in people over the age of 40 years.

Play the role of climatic factors – drought, high temperatures, anatomical structure of the eye (both congenital and traumatic). Due to the structural features of the body’s hormones, the likelihood of developing the syndrome of “dry eye” is higher in women, in addition, contribute to it, some endocrine disorders, vitamin-deficiency conditions, and taking certain medications.

“Dry eye” syndrome may seem a trifle, which can endure. But we can not tolerate:

– firstly, the discomfort by itself significantly reduces the quality of life, preventing normal operation and full leisure,

– Secondly, with time dryness of the cornea may cause its damage and other serious consequences for the view.

First of all, you need to exclude the possibility of influence factors causing dryness of the cornea, or, if this is impossible – at least to reduce their impact: reduce the time of working with gadgets regularly give your eyes a rest, take treatment of endocrine diseases, use humidifiers.

In addition, to cope with the dryness of the eye to help special eye drops, compensates for the deficiency of the tear fluid. Their range is wide, so picking the right tool, you should focus on the composition. In particular, possess moisturizing agents containing hyaluronic acid – a natural component of natural tear fluid, performing natural humidifier function.

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