How to cook a unique Fragrant Tea for Weight Loss

Herbal teas – a perfect example of how delicious it becomes useful. Judge for yourself: on the one hand, you get a charge of vitamins and antioxidants, calming, relaxing and at the same time, “urging” your metabolism, help her figure to be in great shape.

On the other, completely hedonistic side, you are doing yourself a real gift: after all, what could be more delicious fragrant, warming drink with an indescribable taste refreshing mint or, for example, a gentle chamomile?

How to cook a unique fragrant tea for weight loss

How to cook delicious and healthy tea for weight loss that is right for you.

Choosing a Foundation

In order for your drink has more complete, cook it on the basis of your favorite tea. Do the same thing and we advise those who have not experienced the delight of taste different herbal infusions.

Taking as a basis of black tea, you add to your drink needed aminokiloty, vitamins A, C and B. Leaf black tea – the champion of strengthening immunity, and he’ll charge you with the necessary vigor.

Green tea will give you invigorating caffeine, vitamins and minerals. This drink is from an evergreen shrub known for its benefits for all of our bodies, and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

Choose what suits your taste and brew all the rules – this, of course, means that no sugar and no bags.

Additives to Accelerate Metabolism

Tea with rosehip – a great drink for those who are easy to catch a cold or feel that the immune system can not cope with spring beriberi. This plant is rich in vitamin C – here briar overtaken even lemons.

The organic acid contained in the fruit of the bush, accelerate the metabolism in the body and activate fat-burning processes. Weight vitamins and valuable minerals – a nice bonus for those who decided to make tea with wild rose.

Another unusual herbal drink to speed up metabolism – willow-herb, known to our ancestors since ancient times. This plant, because it contained tannin, will keep you from overeating and helps to normalize lipid metabolism in the body.

Calming Supplements

Calming a great variety of herbs, but act on our bodies they are a little different. The well-known anti-stress herb valerian root approach is perhaps not all, despite the fact that contra had virtually none.

Chamomile tea – the softest and most delicious soothing herbal drink. Due to its healing properties, it will help calm the most shattered nerves and tune in a peaceful way. Additionally, chamomile tea has analgesic and enhances the immune system – and such features will surely make a drink from this plant the most popular at any overcast, windy and cold seasons.

Alternative interesting option for those who want to de-stress and relax – lime tea. Its additional strengths – a high content of vitamin C and restorative properties of the immune system.

Additives that reduce appetite

If you are not always able to control your appetite, try to reassure played out excessively hungry herbal infusion with the addition of alfalfa and dandelion root.

Lucerne – known medicinal plant in some countries (such as India) has been successfully used for the prevention of diseases of the joints, and in some (in China and America) it is brewed with indigestion.

For those who want to prepare your own tasty and healthy drink, with alfalfa tea is perfect: he will lead the excess water from the body and, most importantly, will make sure you do not eat too much.

Tea with dandelion helps reduce blood sugar levels, charging the body with vital vitamins A, B, C and E as well as calcium, magnesium and iron.

General Recommendations

Remember that tea , however useful it may be, it is not a panacea against all diseases, and certainly not a universal miracle cure for those who want to lose weight.

Do not get carried away with one kind of tea for a long time as well as any other product consumed excessively, it can cause various side effects. Do not forget that some of the herbs in large quantities, can provoke a bowel disorder, and many plants (eg alfalfa, or willow-herb) have a pronounced laxative effect.

If you want to somehow diversify the vitamin tea, adds a mint, raspberry or honey, and be sure to try new and interesting combinations. We offer you a recipe insanely tasty traditional Moroccan mint tea with pine nuts: it is an effective sedative and painkiller will help your body relax, and you, in turn, to fully enjoy the unusual and spicy at the same time fresh flavor combinations.

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