Cherry cleans the Body of Toxins and Poisons

The palette of colors cherry varied – there are light yellow, almost white berries, yellow, pink, red, dark cherry and almost black. One of the informal names of cherries – “bird cherry”.

The first mention of the round sweet berries date back to the VI century BC

Before we find out whether or not they clean the body, you need to figure out what the “slag”?

Slags – it is certain harmful substances that accumulate in the intestines and are the result of the body’s vital functions. The term is quite vague, and if we believe that the age our body becomes a place to store processed, but not derived organic and inorganic compounds. In fact, the waste products are completely removed from the body and do not forget that not only through the digestive system, but also through the skin, sweat glands and breathing. Our body is an amazing system that will not allow that it would clog the products of its own life.

Cherry cleans the body of toxins and poisons

Another thing toxins – this is clearly not a made-up concept. Doctors claim that is not always in our health problems they blame for it. Toxins are poisons that accumulate in us if metabolism fails. For example, in case of violation of biochemical parameters may increase some of the enzyme, which in this case can be considered a poison. Under such circumstances, metabolic products may accumulate in the form of gallstones or kidney.

There are two groups of toxins: endotoxins and exotoxins
Exotoxins get into the body from the external environment with air food, water.
Endotoxins are formed within the body of the living body. Especially a lot of them becomes, when the body is struggling with what or disease. Toxins always existed in nature, but for many thousands of years of life on earth, living creatures have adapted to these conditions and to develop a mechanism of neutralization of toxins.

Liver – the factory of biochemical processes. One of the many functions of the body is surprising neutralization of toxins and output them to the intestine with bile, blood, or for further filtering and removal through the kidney.

Kidneys have a unique structure that enables literally “percolate” the blood, leaving the useful, the necessary substances and removing all contaminants.

The intestine has a considerable length and structure of the surface of its mucous – villi, intestinal size do just fantastic. On this vast area are performed processes of absorption and excretion. If mucous contaminated perennial accumulations of food residues, it is suffering not only the intestine, but also the liver, and the whole body.

The skin removes metabolic products through the sweat glands. The less contaminated skin, the faster and “better quality” person sweats. And thus gets rid of toxins.

All of these mechanisms have been established to permanently and painlessly removes harmful products from the body.

How useful Cherries

Cherry rich in fructose, pectin, vitamins A, C, E and B, nicotinic acid, potassium, calcium, iron and iodine.
The product helps cleanse the body of unwanted toxins, reduces blood cholesterol levels. The cherries contain lots of fiber, as much as 3 grams per cup of berries. This amount of fiber will not cause side effects, if you have one cup a day. Otherwise, if the dose is exceeded, will increase the intestinal peristalsis, and you may experience abdominal cramps and bloating.

This berry is a great outlet for those who do not like bananas and do not know where arri potassium. And its the berries enough to get the daily norm. Cherry and useful for those who suffer from attacks of chronic diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and gout. The analgesic effect has salicylic acid, which is rich in cherries. Also anthocyanins – they act like action of aspirin and ibuprofen.
Cherries, especially the darkest berries is recommended to lower blood pressure in hypertension.
The berries have a mild diuretic properties, so are ideal for cleansing the kidneys and liver.

Cherry comprises melatonin. This multi-functional hormone responsible including for the regulation of sleep and our biorhythms. Therefore, if you suffer from insomnia, do not hurry to take medicines, they all have a lot of contraindications and side effects. It is better to take it a rule to eat at least a handful of cherries every day. You will see that the quality of your sleep will improve!

In the season of cherry, eating a handful of ripe berries before lunch and dinner, you can not just “clean up” the body, but also to part with a few extra pounds with ease.

Fans cherries have to consider that the content of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and silica in the above darker grades compared with light.

Cherry contains carotene, vitamin B 1, B 2, B 3 and C. All of these substances are very important in the formation of bones and teeth, nervous system and hematopoiesis, in addition silica positively affect intelligence.

Cherries is undesirable to use for people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. If we really want to eat the berries, you can eat a handful.

What to cook cherry
The right thing is, cherry fresh, but it is suitable for the preparation of stewed fruit, including the winter, preserves, jams and marmalades. Any use must be thoroughly rinsed under running water cherries. Freeze better dry and unwashed berries, then put it before cooking enough in a colander and wash under hot water.
Contraindications to the use of cherry wood

Do not eat cherries, if tormented by flatulence. It is also worth to give up desserts with cherries in gastritis with high acidity. The damage can cause cherries and adhesive disease. Do not get carried away with cherries, if you are pregnant. Do not eat cherries on an empty stomach. It is able to lead to the conclusion of nutrients in some cases.
Enjoy delicious berries in moderation. It is the most important piece of advice. All should be in moderation.
Cherry cake

Preparation time 90 minutes. Number of portions 8-9.

Flour – 325 g
Butter – 220 g
Salt – 3/4 tsp
Sugar – 1 tbsp
Cold water – 4 tablespoons
Cherry – 3 cups (filling)
Water -190 ml (filling)
Sugar – 100 g (filling)
Potato starch – 2 tablespoons (filling)

To prepare the dough, you need a deep container and a mixer.
The bowl put sifted flour, salt, sugar, oil and water. Beat all the mixture with a mixer, until the dough is in the form of large lumps.
Knead the dough by hand, in a round tight ball. Next you need to wrap it in plastic wrap and put on 60 minutes in the refrigerator.
Rinse the cherries, each berry is cut in half and remove the seeds.
In a separate pot put prepared cherries, fill it with 190 ml of water. Put on the fire to boil for 10 minutes.
Separately, mix the sugar with starch, add cherries. All thoroughly whatever starch and sugar is dissolved, boil for 5 minutes before filling thickens. Wait until the filling has cooled.
It is necessary to get the dough from the refrigerator, cut it into 2 parts. One of the other more than less. From most of the roll out round pancake.
Form for baking grease with butter, spread it our rolled dough.
Cherry filling spread on the dough.

Roll out 2 of the test. Cut it into thin strips. These bands are spread on the cake in the form of braiding. You can dream up and put anything you like. in a preheated oven to 175 degrees. Preparation of the pie for about 45 minutes. Cake file after it has cooled.
Clafoutis with cherries

The cooking time of 60 minutes. Number of portions 8-9.

Cherry – 500 g
Wheat flour – 130 g
Eggs – 4 pieces
Sugar – 150 g
Milk – 300 ml
Butter – 20 g

Wash the cherries, peel it from the stalks and seeds, dried.
Take a deep container, it, beat eggs and sugar until smooth.
Add the sifted flour mixture was again thoroughly whisk.
Add the milk, to whisk the mixture was homogeneous. Once you have mixed and thoroughly whipped, the dough should come out very liquid consistency.
Form for baking, good coat with butter, spread on the bottom of the cherry.
Fill the top with batter.
We put in a preheated oven at 210 ° C and bake for 35-40 minutes. Our beautiful Clafoutis ready. Bon Appetit!
Cherry in batter
Preparation time 40 minutes.

Cherry – 150 g
Wheat flour – 100 g
Eggs – 1 piece
Beer light – 50 g
Powdered sugar – 50 g
Vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon (in the dough)
Vegetable oil – 200 g (for frying)
Sol pinch – 1 g

In a deep container to pour the flour to add egg yolk, beer, vegetable oil. Mix. At the output you should get the dough like thick cream.
Proteins Beat separately and carefully enter into the dough.
Pre-washed, obsushennuyu cherries, take the tail drop into the batter and then in the hot oil. So we do with each berry.
Ready cherry spread on a dish or in a nail file and decorate as it allows your imagination.

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