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Why Dry Eye occurs Syndrome

Why dry eye syndrome occurs

Many people know the feeling of discomfort in the eyes. Dryness, burning, stinging, a feeling of “sand” in the eyes, which appear after prolonged visual work, due to the appearance of the syndrome of “dry eye.” These symptoms bring considerable inconvenience, in addition, the initial discomfort, no treatment, may eventually develop into a serious corneal disease, doctors say. Why do ... Read More »

Top 5 Major Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

Top 5 major causes of hair loss in teenage girls

But do not panic – the researchers found the main causes of hair loss in “Juliet”. Hair loss in adolescent girls in most cases can be stopped if the time to see a doctor . Hair of young girls drop out mainly for the following reasons: Hormonal imbalance. In this case, the hair falls out due to increased levels of ... Read More »

Fried Food can be useful for Health

Fried food can be useful

Fried dishes – one of the main nutritional nightmare: their use is generally avoided calling. But researchers from the United States said that despite a number of really inherent negative properties, many fried foods, and has a positive effect on health. According to American doctors, fried fish, in spite of various claims, can be useful to humans. Food fried fish ... Read More »

How to improve Health of Intestine with Medicinal Herbs

How to improve the health of the intestine with the help of medicinal herbs

Unbalanced diet, insufficient amounts of fiber, digestive problems – all these unpleasant affects our intestines. Intestines excrete harmful wastes, stabilizes metabolism, maintains the body’s vitamin K and other vitamins. This is very important, because of this we remain healthy and better feel. If the intestine accumulate too much waste, we do not get enough vitamins and feel unpleasant symptoms: fatigue, ... Read More »