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Hypertension : Can we Stabilize the Pressure of Juices!

Hypertension: can help to stabilize the pressure of juices!

In the treatment of hypertension is widely used herbal medicine. Despite the fact that there are more effective and potent new therapeutic drugs, interest in medicinal plants has not subsided. Side effects, allergic reactions to many drugs of synthetic origin reinforce the practical importance of herbal medicine. Herbs advisable to use in hypertension I and stage II. In these cases ... Read More »

How to cook a unique Fragrant Tea for Weight Loss

How to cook a unique fragrant tea for weight loss

Herbal teas – a perfect example of how delicious it becomes useful. Judge for yourself: on the one hand, you get a charge of vitamins and antioxidants, calming, relaxing and at the same time, “urging” your metabolism, help her figure to be in great shape. On the other, completely hedonistic side, you are doing yourself a real gift: after all, ... Read More »

How to Quit Smoking Simplest Tips

How to quit smoking: Simple Tips

May 31 is World Tobacco Day. Get rid of this relationship is not easy. How to quit smoking, to beat themselves from addiction knows ivona. 1. Choose the right food. Scientists asked 200 smokers to name foods that worsen the taste of cigarettes. Of these, 19% said: tobacco taste becomes intolerable when they consume dairy products. About 16% are convinced ... Read More »

Top 5 Precautions to use the Berries & Fruits in Summer

Top 5 safety precautions use first summer berries and fruits

In the markets and in the supermarkets already hard sell strawberries. On cherry queue, which is also one of the first to appear on our tables. However, the first summer berries and fruit can be fraught with danger to your body, if you do not take precautions, of which our readers warns the doctor-gastroenterologist. To your health after eating the ... Read More »

Top 8 Ways Helps us to Get a Flat Stomach

Top 8 Ways to help get a flat stomach

It is too easy to be true, and yet it works. From today you do not need to pace yourself exercise. Follow these 8 tips and flat stomach you provided. Method one – Correct Posture Straighten, and will look much better – the correct posture is not only beneficial effect on the spine, but also on the abdominal muscles. But ... Read More »